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Far Europe

Focus on car safety products for more than 20 years!

Far Europe has been known as the joint venture founded by several manufacturers specialized in the production of car safety products in China, the main products are Seat Belt Inflator,Airbag Inflator, Seat Belt Pretensioner,Seat Belt Reminder, Car Seat Belt, Seat Belt Webbing........More Info

Seat Belt Inflator
A micro gas generator is a gas-generating device which is used to tighten the seatbelt in the case of collision.
Seat Belt Tube Inflator
The use of the device is considered for various other applications including positioning of the passenger headrest.
Drive Airbag Inflator
Far Europe is a pioneer in solid propellant gas generation. The first airbags used rocket fuel (sodium azide) to inflate the bags.
Passenger Airbag Inflator
The use of the device is variously used in positioning of the passenger headrest and seat for safety.
Seat Belt Pretensioner
The idea of a pretensioner is to tighten up any slack in the belt webbing in the event of a crash collision.
Seat Belt Webbing
We own a factory for producing various safety webbings, and the webbing is widely used in car seat belt, etc.
Airbag Clock Spring
An Airbag Clock spring allows the steering wheel to be turned maintaining a constant electrical connection to the driver airbag
Seat Belt Reminder
A seat belt reminder system in the vehicle reminds unbuckled seat occupants to fasten their seat belts.